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In 1999 GAMCA was formatted by G.C.C. approved medical centers in Dhaka. That formation was instructed and approved by His Excellency, Director General, Executive Board, Health Ministers council for G.C.C. states which head quarter at diplomatic quarters, Riyadh, K.S.A. Thus making compulsory for all the member health centers to work through GAMCA in Bangladesh.

In the continuation, GAMCA Chittagong was formed in 2005 after approval of medical centers in the port city, as the part of medical services to the out bounded passengers from Chittagong region.

After the formation of GAMCA, discipline in real sense has come back in manpower business, which was lost during the time of open medical i.e. when medical examination could be done from any Medical Centre. A section of the recruiting agents took chance of this open medical system and started hard negotiation with the medical centres for extraction of kickback against each person. This practice resulted in deterioration of the health examination and test standard prescribed by the Executive Board of the Health Minister's Council for G.C.C, States. A few medical centres made best use of this opportunity to make money without caring for any standard. Consequently, many people came back penniless from the employing country as they became unfit after health re-checking there. In the backdrop of such a sticky situation, the GAMCA was formed and it was hailed by the Embassies of the G.C.C States and all the renowned recruiting agents of the country. It has relieved the agony of the recruiting agents as they are getting international standard services form GAMCA as well as the approved medical centres. 

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